Functional Genomics Data Society

Facilitating the sharing and reproducibility of functional genomics data, 1999-2021

FGED Society: Long Live Functional Genomics!

Operating between 1999 to 2021, the FGED Society worked to accelerate and support the effective sharing and reproducibility of functional genomics data, creating standards and software tools that allowed researchers to annotate and share their data easily.

Following its final publication in 2021, the FGED Society is no longer operating as an official organization. This website serves as a record of FGED's accomplishments which date back to the early days of genome-wide research.

The History page provides more background and historical highlights of the FGED Society.

Key projects and resources of the FGED Society are featured below. See the Projects page for more.

Minimum Information About a high-throughput SEQuencing Experiment

Minimum Information About a Microarray Experiment

Collection of resources for sharing omics data sets and doing reproducible research.

An essay about data sharing and reuse written and endorsed by the FGED board in 2016.